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Eminent dentist, DR. SUCHETAN PRADHAN outlines the cosmetic appeal of new, easy-to-administer procedures that ensure the perfect smile

The Dental clinic of today has morphed form the ‘Chamber of horrors’ it traditionally and historically was framed to be into a plush comforting and smart environment. The old fashioned image of dusty dental clinics being full of miserable patient in pain, holding their jaws while mean dentists performed heinous acts of barbaric proportions on poor miserable souls are a thing of the past.

Exposed to technology at a very young age, comfortable with it and without fear of it, GenNext is immediately at home in Modern Dental clinics. Sleek looking technology, ensconced in the lap of luxury, amongst friendly faces makes what could be a nightmare experience, now a pleasure! Equipped with plasma screens, video games, and Wi-Fi internet, in swank interiors makes that dental experience something to look forward to. However, it is not only window dressing, newer dental equipment’s, materials and an extended range of service has moved dentistry from the dark age of light laser, dental implants, smile design and bleaching are included in the new age armamentarium of services. Shedding it formidable cloak has been beneficial to a wide spectrum of patients seeking self enhancement.

Actors, models, young executives, children and recently dental clinic have report an influx of brides and even bride grooms!

Come November, December and January, when the temperature dips, the wedding and party season sets in, a time look your best. The dental appointment has become an integral part of any pre party or pre-wedding preparation. A variety of smile improvement services are available but top of this list are bleaching and whitening of teeth.

Vanity Fare

Thanks to savvy marketing by dental bleach manufacturers consumers are now aware that the colour of teeth yellowed by red wine, Indian food and coffee can be changed by as much as eight shades! A two-hour procedure and voila! White teeth!

Next on the list is comprehensive cleaning and polishing quick but effective way to Banish bad breath and make yourself desirable for the festive season. Plaque and Tatar the number one causative agents of halitosis are literally hovered and ultrasonically blasted out of the mouth to leave you feeling confident and ever smiling.

Not satisfied with only whiter teeth the more fastidious brides and bridegroom can seek out the entire gamut of smile design service whereby an entire smile can be reinvented to look just so! Crooked, discolored, malpositioned teeth that distract from the quality of the smile can be easily redone to look perfect. With a little pre planning and a few days in hand this is easily done, and is the secret to many mental piece photograph of a striking bridal couple that grace the houses of proud parents.

A stunning smile is not only for actors, models and media people only: now due to fabulous technology and the demystification and up gradation of the dental work palace deferring dentistry is a thing of the past. More and more people now actively seek out the dentist. It is said that your smile is a reflection of the level of civilization and modernity of society are we heading them?

A Perfect Pair of Pearlies