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Path-breaking dental surgery gives 59-yr-old new dentures

M S NAIK, a resident of Kandivali, could not stop smiling when a mirror was held before him. The reason: He got 16 permanent teeth back after more than five years thanks to Dr Suchetan Pradhan, who gave him an artificial lower jaw yesterday. It was the first artificial lower jaw surgery in India. Naik (59) lost all his teeth as a result of old age five years ago. He had been using artificial teeth since then.

Dr Pradhan, head of dental department of P D Hinduja Hospital in Mahim, said, “Naik felt ashamed while using artificial teeth. The surgery has brought a smile to his face again.” He said, “This was the first ever implantation of artificial jaw in India after the technology was introduced in December last year. There are no stitches or cutting of gums in the surgery. It took one hour to complete.” In the conventional method, implantation of a tooth takes at least three months and it is not possible to implant the complete jaw at the same time. After the surgery, Naik ate two slices of an orange. He said, “The surgery was pain-less. If I find the new teeth effective, I will implant the upper jaw also.” The surgery A CT scan of Naik’s lower jaw was done. The software Nobel Guide converted the CT scan images into three-dimensional images. The images were sent to a Sweden-based company, Nobel Biocare, via email. Based upon the images, the company made a template, which is called ‘bridge’ with the places marked to be drilled to fix implant. Dr Pradhan placed the ‘bridge’ in Naik’s mouth and drilled the places marked for implantation and fixed screws. Then he fixed teeth, made from metal Titanium.

Jaw Dropping Feat