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Keep smiling with laser dentistry –say Club members Dr Suchetan and Dr Shalini Pradhan.

Smile, it improves your face value. You must have heard this phrase before. But what is if your smile does not work wonders for you because of crooked teeth and other problems. The solution lies in laser surgery, which is painless and less cumbersome than traditional dental surgeries. Dr Suchetan and Dr Shalini Pradhan have been in the profession for 17 years.

While Suchetan specializes in cosmetic and laser dentistry. Shalini is into paediatric dentistry. Dr Suchetan says that old and painful methods such as drilling and gum surgery are history with laser brining  in the change. He says lasers are used to perform surgery on the gums and for drilling.” We now use laminates to give teeth a proper shape and size.” In smile designing, crooked teeth are straight ened and later whitened.

Shalini’s word revolves around the detail problems of kids. “We let the kids enjoy themselves in order to take the fear out” she says.

Their association with The Club goes a long way back. They were the first 100 members to join and are regular till today What makes them come often to The Club is the close proximity to their clinic keen sport enthusiast. Suchetan regularly visits The Club for a game of tenis. Shalini is a regular at the gym and their kids enjoy swimming and squash.

They both love their profession. While Suchetan says their profession helps them to develop good relations with patients and also develop  confidence in them.Shalini enjoys the meditative quality of her work along with interaction with a whole spectrum of people. They have also used their clinic premises to exhibit the artistis talents of children from NGOs like Aseema and Mobile Creches .

Their choice in food to be anything but India and there is life .Oriental Work Shalini loves the Burmese cuisine here and they both enjoyed the Korean and Vietnamese food festivals that were held here. “ Its always new experience for us.” They say Besides food a quiet evening at westburry’s is another great way for them to unwind.

They both confess that being associated with The Club brought a change in their Suchetan says.” The Club is a place where you can.

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