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Cosmetic and implant dentist Dr. Suchetan Pradhan updates on the latest fad in the dental realm- Minimally invasive dentistry.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID) or Micro Dentistry as it is called the fastest growing movement within modern dentistry. It is the practice of removing the least amount of tooth structure, bone or tissue, necessary to eliminate what is unhealthy and diseased. Forward thinking dentists of today are using this new discipline more while dealing with presentation of natural tissues such as teeth and gums. Dr. Suchetan Pradhan expounds how ex footballer Andy Ansah, now a football consult, who has lent his talents to movies such as ‘Goal’ and ‘Star Crossed’ benefited from the step by step treatment given to him:

At his first visit he was run through a caries risk assessment test using an advanced technological laser machine called diagnodent, which detects unseen cavities at their earliest when even a small amount of calcium has been withdrawn from the teeth enabling the dentists to intervene with remineralisation techniques. Early loss of teeth had changed his way of upper and lower teeth met, and in the bargain marred his good looks. A cosmetic makeover and replacement of the missing tooth were necessary to the treatment plan. Lasers are an essential technological tool when preservation and minimal intervention are required. An erbium chromium laser that cuts gum tissue teeth and bone was used to conservatively recontour his upper gum and teeth. This machine is set to reinvent dentistry much to the comfort and painless dental experiences of patients.

His missing teeth were replaced using dental implants which are titanium inserts positioned in the jaws that form the understructure of the new teeth. Traditionally, gums are to be cut to unveil the bone for placement of the implant. But MID does not require this. Using this technique implants are placed in a “flapless” manner. Additionally, his front teeth were reconstructed using the shell of ceramic so thin, that minimal tooth reduction was required to place them and achieve pleasing aesthetics. Some of the advantages of this treatment are:

Longer lasting stronger teeth:

The bigger a filling the weaker a tooth. MID focuses upon removing as little tooth structure as possible using more accurate technological tools.

More natural:

MID means always using materials to fill or reconstruct a tooth which resembles natural tooth structure and color.

Fewer crowns:

MID stresses the use of onlays where possible instead of crowns. Onlyas replace a broken portion of the tooth or large decay but allow the good tooth structure to remain.

Conservative gum care:

MID focuses on diseases prevention. Ridding the teeth of disease- causing bacteria and plaque often prevents gum surgery. Decreased plaque lowers the risk of heart disease and low birth rate in babies.

Fewer appointments, lesser pain:

MID uses technology on materials that keep the number of necessary appointments to a minimum. Fewer injections and in many cases no injections at all.

Source: Health, The Free Press Journal

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